Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?
Where is my order?
I need my order fast, can you do that?
What payment methods do you accept?
End Consumer (purchasing our own products via our Shop)
Trade Shipping (purchasing a custom order with our merchandise team)
I want to ship my order to somewhere I won't be! Can you do this?
Can I collect my custom merchandise / print order in person?
My company is VAT registered in the EU, can I get my order VAT free?
I would like to place a large order for my company, can I get this on credit?
Can I add to my order after it is paid for?
The product I want isn't on the website!
Can I have a FREE t-shirt please?
How do I know if my order is complete?
Can I get a sample before I order?
Can I place a re-order?
Can I get a price?
Can you make my order retail-ready?
Can supply my order unbranded?
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